Modual Workshop at Mother London

As part of the MA Graphic Branding and Identity course I'm currently taking (alongside my work commitments) I was lucky enough to participate in a special 'creative industry incubator' called Modual setup by Fred Deakin (of Airside agency and Lemon Jelly fame). 

In a wonderfully intensive two weeks based out of the warm and delightful Mother London advertising agency in Shoreditch, I, along with 19 other students, created a number of projects based on the theme ‘positive change’.

The workshop was designed to inspire collaboration between UAL students and bridge the gap between current design education and industry practice.

Having experience of both design education and industry practices I was amazed at the value I gained from Fred’s workshop, not only were 4 creative projects realised, (all of which have potential to be developed further into competitive business opportunities) but the personal development I gleaned from those few days has been one of the highlights of my working life.

It’s in my nature to be constantly pushing myself and looking for new challenges, however I didn’t expect to find a whole barrel-load of them inside a fortnight in an old biscuit factory in east London.

The project which enticed the majority of my time was ‘Greenr’. An app designed to efficiently guide you to the local area of green space. A short film on the Greenr app is available here

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