Social Media Business Club

The Social Media Business Club is a new networking event hosted by Peter Wilkinson a marketing strategist, social media consultant, trainer, speaker and a business start-up mentor.

Starting in November 2013, I created this identity with the following target market and strategy in mind:

Target Market: Corporates but in a relaxed / casual environment.
- Also engaging SMEs, and a male to female 50/50 split

USP / Strategy: Serious but fun
- Combination of knowledgeable talks and run relationship building

I've used a soft serif font for the typeface to reference the corporate target market but in a casual/fun way.

For the colour I've chosen a smooth green, which ties in with Peter's brand and it symbolises growth, nature and wealth. All which are important to a new networking group. It is also a gender neutral colour and will not alienate any specific socio-economic groups

For the logotype I've gone for a bold square, for impact, also it symbolises a group environment. I've left space in the square to show room for growth (in both the networking group and in the individual business of the members). I've cut the corner to help symbolise that it is an open group- it shows there is an entry point for new members.

Further information is available at: